More than just the photographer on your wedding day.
On the day of your wedding, you may end up spending as much time with your wedding photographer as you will with your own family!

You want to make sure he or she is a calm and uplifting anchor and not a cause for unnecesary stress. I realize how important wedding photographs are (and absolutely love taking them), but I also understand you and your family are there to celebrate together. I will make sure we get beautiful photographs and that you and your family are having a great time while doing so!
"We could not have asked for a more attentive and professional photographer. Forever I’ll cherish these amazing moments that were perfectly captured by Tom!"

- Hillary and Marco
Hard drives and computers don't get passed down to future generations–prints and albums do.
I make sure to include a wedding album, prints, and a heirloom wooden box for storage in all of my wedding packages, as well as offer a variety of wall art for you and your family to cherish. I want you to never have to worry about losing your memories as technology continues to evolve.
I'm here to help you plan a stress free wedding.
Need some wedding planning advice? Send me an email! I like to help you as much as I can, sending you tips as we get closer to your wedding date, as well as some advice on how to plan a stress free wedding day timeline. We can even go out for coffee sometime to talk wedding details!

I strive to be more like a friend than just another wedding vendor. Not only do I enjoy getting to know all of the clients I work with, but every couple is different and learning about you and your fiancé as people and not just clients is the best way to capture genuine, authentic wedding photographs.

"Tom was incredible from start to finish!"

- Kara and Dave



What is your photographic style?

I am a fine art wedding photographer, using both digital and film cameras to create timeless and artistic photographs with a unique stylistic appeal. I love to have fun with your family and friends during your wedding and will use that to draw out genuine, candid expressions while taking photographs, but I'm not afraid to step in and give some guidance to get the best–looking images possible.

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What sets you apart from other wedding photographers?

I strive to be more like a friend when working together rather than just another vendor. Your photographer's personality can have a huge impact on the overall energy and flow of the wedding. Because of this, I accept a limited number of weddings each year and try to only photograph one wedding a weekend to really focus on learning about you, your story and making sure we use that to have a great time and get great images in the process!

Why do you use film in addition to digital photography?

I use film to ensure your wedding photographs are always timeless, and will never be associated with a certain time period or decade’s fads. 

I love digital photography and everything it offers, but there is a true timelessness to photographing with film that is impossible to replicate with digital. A photograph shot with film has an organic, three dimensional, almost painterly quality to it. Being a photographer that will photograph with digital and film cameras gives me the best of both worlds—the immediacy and advantages of using digital along with the beauty and timelessness of film.

The photograph on the left was taken with medium format film, while the photograph on the right with a digital camera:

The photograph on the left was taken with film, while the photograph on the right was taken digitally.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. My studio and photography gear are fully insured. If your venue requires proof of liability insurance, let me know and I would be happy to provide it!

Can you travel for weddings?

Absolutely! I am currently based in New York but am willing to travel all over the world, especially for a wedding! Send me an email for more information regarding destination pricing.

Do you photograph with a second photographer?

I will usually bring a photojournalistic assistant to help me with lighting and other tasks (photojournalistic means they can provide a second angle on key moments, such as the first look or the first kiss), however I find that in general a second photographer is unnecessary. I will get the photographs I need to properly tell your wedding story.  I do offer it as an add on option, however and we can discuss it more during our consultation!

How many photographs do you deliver?

I'm a strong believer in quality over quantity. Rather than give you 1,000 mediocre photographs (who has time to look through 1,000 photographs anyway?), I try to deliver between 400-600 great photographs. This number may vary depending on things like travel times, hours hired, and other wedding day timeline events. On every single photograph I adjust exposure, contrast, color, crop and more to align with my artistic vision and tell your story.

How long does it take to receive my photographs?

I cull through and edit every photograph I take to ensure each image lives up to my brand standards. However, I also don't like to make people wait if I can help it! All photographs will be delivered within 60 days, with a typical turnaround time of no more than four weeks.

How can we learn more about rates and availability?

 All wedding packages include high resolution digital files, a wedding album, highlight prints in a keepsake wooden box, a photographer's assistant and an online gallery to view and share your photographs. Wedding packages begin at $3,000, with the average couple spending between $3,600 and $4,400 (these prices already include sales tax). I require a signed contract with a 1/3 retainer fee to reserve your wedding date. Send me an email and I can help figure out what works best for you!