Northern Greece and the Parthenon | Greece

My cousin is pretty awesome. While in college, she met her future husband, who came from Greece to study in the United States. With little knowledge of the language, she eventually traveled thousands of miles away to begin her new life in Greece.

It took a while, but I finally visited her in June of 2016. Greece is beautiful - and hot! I was taken aback with how hot and dry the climate was.

We ended up visiting three different parts of the country. My cousin lived in Naousa, a beautiful, quite mountain town located about two hours from the coastline. We then visited Thessaloniki, a beautiful waterfront city, and of course, Athens.

I love antiquity and Greece has so much history. We visited many ruins, from Philip of Macedon's tomb, to Aristotle's school, to of course the Parthenon. The culture and stories of Greece are fascinating.