Zion and Bryce National Parks | Utah

Zion National Park is breathtaking. As someone who enjoys hiking and exploring nature, the scenery and scale of Utah's most famous National Park is hard to describe in words.

I recently visited with a few friends and was blown away by its beauty. Living on the east coast, we don't often see the might of nature in this regard. 

While in the midwest, we also visited Bryce National Park - an equally beautiful canyon carved out by ice over thousands of years, and drove to Arizona to see Antelope Canyon. Photographing the world is a serious hobby of mine and after seeing what these two National Parks have to offer, I am determined to visit as many of them as I can. My next stop? Yosemite.

Here are some highlights from the trip - I shot a mixture of film and digital, the film I used was Ektar 100 and Portra 400. 

2 Film.jpg