When it comes to wedding photography, there's a lot more to consider than just beautiful pictures!

Many people don't realize that on the day of your wedding, you're often spending as much time with your photographer as you are your own family. 

With this in mind, here are top things I think a wedding photographer needs to do a great job:

A Strong Body of Wedding Work

Here's a popular scenario: You have a good friend who takes great pictures. Maybe they would be interested in photographing your wedding?

Wedding photography is vastly different than other forms of photography. Taking photographs is only one part of the job— you must know how to deal with time pressure during a wedding, the various lighting scenarios, the many different family relationships, etc.

Before you choose your photographer, be sure they have a strong body of wedding work that fits in with the vision you have of your wedding day. After all, you cannot re-take your wedding photographs!


Dealing with Ambiguity

No matter how well you plan, there are always going to be a few curveballs on your wedding day. 

A great wedding photographer needs to have a solid plan of action, but also be able to adapt to the circumstances. For instance, maybe it's too hot to bring your elder family members outside for photographs, or maybe it started to rain—no matter what happens, a great photographer will remain calm and collected, giving you advice and guidance on how to best handle the situation. 


Leave the Ego at Home

Wedding photography is a creative business. Unfortunately, creativity and ego often go hand in hand.

Although your photographer's creative input is important, ultimately the day is not about the photographer—it's about you. A photographer with a big ego can easily put a damper on the positive energy surrounding a wedding, so make sure your photographer is a calm and uplifting anchor and not a cause for unnecessary stress.

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A Vision for Your Wedding

A great wedding photographer should have a plan as well as a vision for how they will go about capturing your wedding.

Spur of the moment photographs are great and can get lead to some incredible images, but every great photographer should have a plan on how to approach each section of the wedding day. This ensures they are capturing the must-have moments in addition to creating unique, creative imagery. 


More Than Just Your Wedding Photographer

A great wedding photographer does more than just take pictures.

Part photographer, part wedding planner, part art director, part stylist, part problem solver, part friend that's got your back, part therapist, part comedian—there's a lot they can contribute to the wedding day! 


There are many more traits that a photographer can have, but these are the few I think are most important and try to embody as much as possible.

Let me know in the comments below if there's any other traits that are important to you!


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